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Technical Managers Meeting of Iranian Exploration and Production Companies Hosted by Global Petro Tech Kish

The meeting of technical managers from Iranian exploration and production companies was held on the January, hosted by Global Petro Tech Kish.

According to public relations, following the formation of meetings by CEOs of Iranian exploration and production companies, in line with the joint cooperation approach, a dedicated unit was formed to develop large oil and gas fields. The technical managers also held multiple sessions in E&P companies, culminating in their final meeting at Global Petro Tech Kish. In this session, the daily production volume and required investment for two major Iranian fields, totaling 500,000 barrels per day, were calculated and determined, and ultimately communicated to the CEOs of Iranian exploration and production companies.

It is planned that after determining the daily oil production volume, continuous efforts will be made by the CEOs of Iranian exploration and production companies to pursue strategies for attracting capital from domestic financial resources or alternative methods of financial resource acquisition or investment for the development of the mentioned fields.

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