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Persia Kala Maintenance and Service Company Kish (PKMS) is one of the active companies in the field of implementation and provision of services for oil, gas, and related industries' projects in Iran. The company's track record is focused on providing extensive services in supporting and logistics for oil and gas drilling operations both offshore and onshore, maintenance services, training, warehousing, as well as the execution of major civil engineering projects.

Furthermore, Persia Kala has extensive and successful experiences in the field of trading and supplying specialized goods for oil, gas, and petrochemical projects. With a deep understanding of the business environment, the company is striving to achieve its objectives in the regional market. Leveraging a dedicated and skilled workforce, the company has established broad connections with reliable international resources worldwide, enabling it to consistently provide specialized services and procure the necessary materials and equipment for onshore and offshore projects.

The formation of this company is based on the need of Kish Petro Tech Group to provide specialized commercial, logistics, and procurement services for EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and EPD (Engineering, Procurement, and Development) projects at the national level. The initial core of the company was established by utilizing Iranian experts and specialists. By creating suitable and specialized management structures, the company has taken full responsibility for supporting and executing projects.

Drawing upon its valuable and rich experiences from previous project implementations, Persia Kala is currently well-prepared in terms of specialized workforce, technical knowledge, and office facilities to undertake and execute various projects related to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries, as well as civil engineering projects. The company is ready to handle these projects independently or in collaboration with other companies both inside and outside of Iran.

Logistics Department:

This department, as a priority service provider in the company, is responsible for coordinating necessary arrangements for providing logistics services both onshore and offshore. This Department plays a pivotal role in coordinating with contractors and agents, offering a wide range of essential services. These include the efficient transfer of personnel, bulk materials, equipment, and marine structures to any location within the Persian Gulf region, provision of human resources and machinery both on land and at sea.

The diverse logistics services of this company are as follows:

  • Offering marine structure scrapping services
  • Catering services both onshore and offshore
  • Providing flight services and helicopter rental
  • Regular supply of essential provisions for oil platforms and drilling rigs through designated sources
  • Providing port services in the southern ports of the country and Kish Island to operational vessels, support for drilling rigs, and offshore platforms
  • Provision of Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT), Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), and Crew Boats for supporting offshore platforms and drilling rig
  • Supplying and transporting all containerized and non-containerized goods, fuel, fresh water, drilling mud materials and drilling services, as well as spare parts for drilling rigs and oil platforms in the Persian Gulf and Oman sea

Commercial Department:

In addition to its main functions, the Procurement Department of the company plays a crucial role in sourcing and managing agreements with suppliers/sellers. This department seeks to procure services, products, permits, software, and other required items for customers along with desirable support. The procurement team rigorously evaluates and selects reliable suppliers/sellers based on key indicators such as quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery. To ensure competitive pricing and optimize supply chain management while considering customer preferences, the team negotiates with suppliers/sellers. Persia Kala, through effective procurement methods, strives to enhance operational efficiency, maintain a strong network of reliable partners, and strengthen long-term growth and success. In this regard, the company has obtained representation from several reputable Chinese manufacturers, enabling the provision of transportation, warehousing, and supply of required goods for its clients.

Maintenance and Repair Department:

In order to preserve competitive advantages, Persia Kala Company has designed a comprehensive program for the maintenance and repair of some onshore and offshore drilling equipment. This program includes preparation, repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of the equipment before, during, and after operations, as well as renting them for the required services.
Kish Base:

This company owns a base spanning over three hectares on Kish Island and one hectare in Ahvaz city. The base includes administrative buildings, covered warehouses with shelving, and a large open area. Additionally, the company benefits from various machinery, enabling significant capabilities in storing goods and equipment and providing related services.

In summary, Persia Kala is recognized as a prominent company in the execution and provision of services for oil, gas, and related industries' projects. With extensive expertise, skilled workforce, and robust infrastructure, the company is capable of independently carrying out extensive projects or collaborating with other companies both domestically and internationally. Persia Kala is committed to delivering high-quality services to its customers with excellence in comprehensive maintenance and repair programs, efficient procurement methods, and professional logistics management while maintaining operational safety and integrity.

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