GPTK: Expanding Horizons in Exploration and Drilling

Global Petro Tech Kish (GPTK) Company was established in 2000 as a private company in the upstream sector of the oil industry with the aim of operating in the field of oil and gas well drilling both onshore and offshore. Currently, after 24 years of experience in this industry and ownership of onshore & offshore drilling rigs, as well as the activation of engineering, operations, logistics, and drilling services divisions, and the procurement of goods along with having the largest maritime fleet, it has been able to achieve a leading position in this industry.

The GPT Group consists of

Global Petro Tech Kish Company (GPTK): Exploration and Production Company
Sarvak Kish Drilling Services Company (SKDS): Integrated Drilling Services in Onshore and Offshore Projects
ASR Kish Company (ASRK): Management of Onshore and Offshore Drilling Rigs and the Supply of Technical and Operational Drilling Personnel
Persia Kala Maintenance and Service Company Kish Company (PKMS): Maintenance, Procurement and Logistic Services for Onshore and Offshore Projects and Drilling Equipment


GPTK based on its experience gained over the years and in accordance with the needs and trust of employers, as well as its vision and goals, has gradually taken charge of implementing EPD projects by establishing its subsidiary companies. With reliance on its human capital and physical assets, as well as its own bases and workshops in the cities of Ahvaz, Mehran, Sarvestan, Gachsaran, and Kish Island, the company has been able to initiate and successfully complete projects and assigned tasks in addition to providing the necessary support for drilling operations in various onshore and offshore areas.

Our activities, as one of the prominent contractors in the oil and gas industry, are primarily focused on the development of oil and gas fields. Providing innovative and efficient upstream services has led to our recognition as one of the most popular drilling contractors in the Middle East. Our company's overall policy is based on self-sufficiency, allowing us to deploy our employees and equipment in remote areas. As a result, our group's name in the industry has become synonymous with the ability to undertake challenging tasks and guarantee project completion within specified timelines. The simple and direct organizational structure of our group has led to prompt decision-making, operational efficiency, a secure environment, and, consequently, a quick response to the needs of our customers.

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