GPTK: Revolutionizing the Energy Landscape through Innovative Exploration and Production

In GPTK we are currently redefining the outlook of oil and gas exploration and production using a suitable approach. As a leading company, we strive to maintain sustainability and intelligent resource utilization through innovative methods and pushing the boundaries of technology. Our focus lies in creating significant and positive impacts on the energy industry's development. In other words, innovation is the driving force behind our exploration and production operations.

GPTK's Geology Department comprises experienced and accomplished geologists who utilize advanced geological models and seismic interpretation techniques. By integrating data from seismic surveys, well logs, and core samples, we have the ability to identify and accurately evaluate the hydrocarbon prospects. Our team of experts analyzes the structural complexities and lithology of subsurface formations to determine optimal drilling locations. These analyses allow us to gain a deeper understanding of subsurface characteristics and improve drilling and production performance for optimal hydrocarbon resource utilization.

The Geophysics Department records and interprets seismic data using advanced technologies. Through sophisticated imaging algorithms and data processing techniques, we create accurate subsurface images that depict the location, size, and features of hydrocarbon reservoirs. This information is crucial for optimizing drilling and production strategies. By utilizing precise subsurface images, we can identify important petrophysical zones, lithological formations, and underground structures. This information helps us determine the best location for precise well placement.

GPTK's Petrophysics Team plays a vital role in characterizing reservoir properties. Using advanced logging tools and analytical techniques, we can measure properties such as fluid saturation, porosity, permeability, and rock mechanics. This precise understanding of reservoir properties allows us to estimate reserves accurately and evaluate the economic viability of potential projects. By analyzing petrophysical data, we can grasp the petrophysical requirements of the reservoir and make informed decisions regarding the development and exploitation of hydrocarbon resources.

The Reservoir Engineering Department utilizes advanced simulation and modeling techniques to optimize reservoir performance. By integrating geological, geophysical, and petrophysical data, we create powerful reservoir models capable of predicting fluid flow behavior, evaluating production strategies, and optimizing hydrocarbon recovery. Through these approaches and techniques, we strive to enhance reservoir performance, increase efficiency, and achieve greater hydrocarbon extraction yields.

Shaping the Future of Energy with Diversification, Safety, and Innovation

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our success. At GPTK, simultaneous utilization of expertise from geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering teams leads to well-informed decision-making. By combining knowledge and skills from various disciplines, we can create suitable solutions, enhance performance, and deliver added value to our customers. The collaboration and interaction between different teams enable us to design and implement innovative and pioneering solutions in the energy sector, significantly impacting the advancement of our common goals.

As an E&P company, we understand the importance of aligning with the evolving energy landscape and are committed to integrating innovation and creativity into our operational processes. The well-being of our employees, contractors, and the communities in which we operate is our priority. Through stringent safety protocols, comprehensive training programs, and a culture of continuous improvement, we strive to prevent any potential hazards. Furthermore, we are dedicated to advancing the sustainable use of natural resources, environmental protection, and responsible engagement with local communities.

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