Ahvaz Support Yard

The Support Yard operational base in Ahvaz covers an area of 90,000 square meters and includes various facilities and amenities to support GPTK operations. Some of the key features of the operational base are:

Facilities at the Support Yard Operational Base in Ahvaz

Ahvaz Support Operational Base encompasses an area of over 90,000 square meters, accommodating a range of essential facilities and amenities. The base includes a central warehouse designed for storing equipment, spare parts, and necessary supplies. This warehouse, with its suitable design, not only facilitates easy access to materials and supplies but also enables efficient inventory management. Furthermore, a refrigeration room is incorporated into the warehouse to maintain controlled conditions for storing sensitive equipment. Overall, the warehouse houses more than 8,000 types of general, specialized, and spare items related to drilling equipment. The operational base also features a dedicated covered hangar spanning over 3,500 square meters, specifically designed for large-scale machinery storage. Additionally, the Ahvaz Support Operational Base is equipped with a furnished space and reinforced cement pads for arrangement, refurbishment, and reconditioning of drilling equipment by skilled and experienced technical personnel.

Support and Resources for GPTK Operations

Overall, the Support and Operations Base in Ahvaz provides comprehensive support for all operational processes of Global Petrotech Kish. This support includes vital and impactful features such as maintenance, storage facilities, repairs, as well as the provision of an extensive inventory of supplies, equipment, and spare parts. These facilities contribute to optimal performance and efficient maintenance throughout the execution and operational processes, ensuring timely procurement and repairs of equipment.