GPTK Transformed the Challenging AZAR Oil Field into an Unprecedented Success

The AZAR Oil Field, located in the southwest of Iran in the ILAM province, is an asymmetric anticline within the Anaran exploration block. The field spans over 36.5 km, with approximately 13.5 km situated in Iran and the remaining extension in Iraq. It shares borders with the CHANGULEH Oil Field to the east and the BADRAH Oil Field to the west. The project aimed to produce 65,000 barrels of oil per day (BOPD), with an initial target of 30,000 BOPD during the first stage of early production. The comprehensive project included the drilling of 19 wells to fully exploit the field's resources.

Under the EPDS contract awarded to GPTK by SAED in 2013, the drilling of 10 wells formed a crucial part of the AZAR Oil Field Development project. This contract included the drilling of one appraisal well, one special production well, seven production wells, and one workover well. GPTK, with its 52.6% share in the AZAR Oil Field development by SAED, played a pivotal role in the project's success. GPTK's contribution involved drilling, completing, and delivering 75% of the wells utilized during the early production phase, surpassing expectations. GPTK successfully executed this contract, delivering all 10 wells to Sarvak Company, the developer, marking a significant milestone in the project's completion.

Throughout the project, GPTK achieved remarkable records and milestones. The total well drilling depth in the AZAR Oil Field reached an impressive more than 40,000 meters. Notably, GPTK established a best drilling time record of 280 days per well for the AZR-07 Well. Moreover, GPTK successfully conducted the consolidation operation of the Asmari formation, a significant achievement and a first in Iran.

Despite the challenges encountered during drilling operations, GPTK's performance in the AZAR Oil Field matched the records set in the BADRAH common Oil Field, achieving excellent results while maintaining cost efficiency.

In the face of immense challenges, the AZAR Oil Field is considered a true test of GPTK's capabilities. With unwavering determination, we have successfully completed the project, showcasing our exceptional management, engineering, and operational skills. The technical expertise and valuable experience of our team in various fields including geology, reservoir engineering, drilling engineering and economic evaluation allowed us to carefully examine the technical and operational complexities of the Azar project. Our strategic logistics yards near the AZAR and Changuleh oil fields have played a pivotal role in supporting EPD projects. Through collaboration with international oil companies and local stakeholders, we have overcome obstacles and achieved greatness. The completion of the AZAR Oil Field project is a testament to GPTK's unwavering commitment to excellence and our ability to thrive even in the most challenging projects. With the successful drilling, completion, and delivery of 10 wells to Sarvak Company, this project has achieved its initial objectives.

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