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Successful Completion of Drilling Operations for Two Wells in Saadat Abad Project

Vahid Jeyhani, saadat abad project manager announced the completion of drilling operations for two wells in the project.

Vahid Jeyhani, in an interview with the public relations department of Global Petro Tech Kish, regarding the drilling operations of the Saadat Abad project, stated: “We have successfully completed the drilling of two wells in this project. As a result, in Well No. 9, after completing the drilling operations and reservoir charts, the completion string and wellhead were installed. Following well flow testing and ensuring safety measures, the rig was released.”

He continued: “In Well No. 10, after completing the work, running a 7-inch casing and cementing were done, and the remaining related tasks were carried out, resulting in the release of the rig in the past few days.

Jeyhani added: “We have also started the repair and completion operations for Well No. 6.”

The Saadat Abad Project Manager mentioned the surface operations, stating: “The pipeline route from Well No. 9 to the refinery has been completed, covering a distance of 13,500 meters. Additionally, 15,000 meters of the pipeline route from Well No. 10 to the branching point in the village of Kanou has been completed, with 1,500 meters remaining. Furthermore, construction activities are underway at the site of Wells No. 9 and 10.”

He further stated: “The construction of surface equipment will be completed by the end of the month of Ordibehesht (April-May), and the installation of this equipment is expected to be completed by approximately next year’s Tir (June-July).”

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