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Project Manager of Chalingar and Garnagan Announced the Erection of the First Rig in the Project

Mohammad Soroush Nia, the project manager of Chalingar and Garnagan, announced the establishment of the first rig at Well 022 in this project.

The project manager of Chalingar and Garnagan stated in an interview with Public Relations: Since February 2021, the activities for the restoration of the W022N location as the first well have been carried out, and concurrently, the local rig O2 from the Saadat Abad project has been transferred to the mentioned location.

He continued: Considering the preparation of the location during this month, the installation of the local rig O2 has begun, and alongside it, the preparation and performance evaluation of the rig will be conducted with representatives of the National Iranian South Oil Company at the site.

Soroush Nia stated: In the coming month, goods and drilling services will also be transported to the location, and drilling will commence.

The project manager of Chalingar and Garnagan regarding the location and drilling of the second well said: We are currently excavating the E002 location to start drilling the second well within the next three months, and once the local rig O1 is ready, it will be sent to the designated location.

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