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O3 Drilling Rig Installed at Zeloi Field’s First Well Location

As part of the initiation of the Zeloi project, the installation of the O3 drilling rig commenced last week at the first well location.

According to the public relations report, following the completion of its seven-year mission in the joint Azar field, the O3 drilling rig was transferred from the Mehran region to the Zeloi region within 11 days and began its installation at the new site on Wednesday, November 27, 2020.

This rig, in the joint Azar field, due to its complex oil layers and challenging drilling conditions, including the presence of large-diameter casing pipes and unconventional sizes at significant depths, containing 2.5 billion barrels of in-place crude oil and an estimated recoverable oil volume of 400 million barrels, has successfully drilled 23,400 meters in 5 wells out of the total 10 wells assigned to the Global Petro Tech Kish Company, setting two records of over 1000 accident-free days.

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