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Completion of Three Well Drillings in Zeloi Project, Project Manager Reports

Hamid Fotouhi, Zeloi Project Manager, stated: After the establishment of the O3 rig and the initiation of drilling operations for Well No. 20 in Zeloi project in February 2021, in collaboration with the National Iranian South Oil Company as the main employer, the drilling of three wells from this well has been successfully completed.

The Zeloi Project Manager continued in an interview with the Public Relations of Global Petro Tech Kish: The first well was drilled to a depth of 60 meters and cased with surface casing, followed by drilling a 26-inch hole and running a 20-inch casing to a depth of 1182 meters, which was then cemented. The third well, with a size of 17 1/2 inches, was drilled to a depth of 2506 meters and cased with 8 5/8″ × 8 3/8″ casing, and currently, we are drilling the 12 1/4-inch hole until reaching the formation cover.

Fotouhi added: The time taken to drill these wells, compared to neighboring wells in the Zeloi field, demonstrates satisfactory performance and efficiency. In fact, the reduction in drilling and completion time for Zeloi Well No. 20 to the end of the third hole in 98.8 days, compared to an average of approximately 20 days for neighboring wells under similar conditions.

In conclusion, he stated: I extend special thanks to all the esteemed colleagues at Global Petro Tech Kish and its subsidiaries. It is hoped that by utilizing all capabilities, experience, and optimal utilization of the capacities within the Global Petro Tech group, the desired objectives of this project will be achieved within the predetermined schedule.

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