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Completion of Surface Engineering and Planning for Chalingar and Garnagan Projects

With the efforts of Global Petro Tech Kish Company’s experts and the organization of multiple meetings, the engineering documents and planning of the surface section of this project have been thoroughly reviewed and finalized.

According to the public relations department of Global Petro Tech Kish Company, the experts from the surface unit and planning division of the company, in order to advance the Chalingar and Garnagan projects’ plans accurately and on time, after conducting several internal meetings, successfully attended the Southern Oilfields Areas Company and held round-the-clock meetings with their experts to review and finalize the engineering documents and planning between the two companies.

He added, “According to the initial schedule, the drilling of this well is expected to take six months, and this will be achieved through the cooperation and collaboration of subcontractors and the main employer.”

It is worth mentioning that Global Petro Tech Kish Company, after winning the tender for the Chalingar and Garnagan projects and signing the contract with the National Iranian South Oil Company, has commenced its activities in this field.

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