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Commencement of Zeloi Project Announced by Ahmad Ghal’e Bani

Ahmad Ghal’e Bani: Zeloi Project to Commence Next Week

The CEO of Global Petro Tech Kish announced the start of the Zeloi project in the upcoming week.

Ahmad Ghal’e Bani, in an interview with the public relations department, stated: The Zeloi project is located in Masjed Soleyman, in the Haft Shahidan and Lali region, where Global Petro Tech Kish has won the tender for both the underground and surface sections.

He continued: In this area, nine wells need to be drilled, and along with the surface-related activities, the project is expected to take approximately two years to complete.

The CEO of Global Petro Tech Kish discussed other ongoing projects: Currently, we are in the process of undertaking the Saadatabad project in Sarvestan, which is progressing, and the offshore exploration project, where initial work is underway.

Ghal’e Bani mentioned the Saadatabad project: After leasing the drilling rig from the Northern Drilling Company, we initiated the drilling operations for Well No. 9 in the second half of Ordibehesht (April-May) and started the drilling operations for Well No. 10 with the relocation of the O2 rig on Khordad 31 (June 21).

He added: If everything goes according to plan, the Saadatabad project will be completed within the next six months.

Regarding the offshore exploration project, the CEO of Global Petro Tech Kish stated: Our company is responsible for providing a Jack-up offshore drilling unit along with auxiliary services and equipment for drilling three offshore exploration wells in the Persian Gulf, as well as supplying three support vessels, 12 drilling services, helicopter services, and logistic services for this project.

Ghal’e Bani continued: This project will take two years to complete, and currently, we are engaged in site survey operations as per the client’s designated location.

Regarding the Azar project, he mentioned: A portion of the project, for which Global Petro Tech Kish was responsible, has been completed and handed over temporarily.

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