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Commencement of Well No. 6 Execution Operations in the Saadat Abad Project

Dariush Hasannavand stated:

The execution operations of Well No. 6 in the Saadat Abad project have begun.

The project supervisor of Saadat Abad elaborated on the well’s safety measures and the commencement of execution operations for Well No. 6 in the Saadat Abad project.

Dariush Hasannavand, in an interview with the public relations department, said: In early September, the drilling rig O2 and its camp started the rig move from Ahvaz Yard to the Sarvestan region – Saadat Abad oil field, located 90 kilometers from Shiraz. After rig installation and equipment setup, the camp facilities, safety measures, and communication infrastructure were established. The project was then inspected by the employer, and upon receiving their approval, it was officially deployed and declared ready for operation on September 20th.

He further announced: Following the deployment, we have initiated the necessary initial actions for the repair wells, including examining the wellhead equipment, wellhead pressure testing, well killing, and finally, setting the cement plug.

Hasannavand concluded by stating: Considering the historical repair operations conducted on this well in the past, its conditions are sensitive and complex. Therefore, the completion of well safety measures will be time-consuming and sensitive, depending on well reactions and interventions. However, if the operation conditions remain under control, with the efforts of our knowledgeable and experienced team from the Global group and the support of service companies, we hope to commence drilling operations within the next 7 days, God willing.

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