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Commencement of Drilling Operations for the First Well in the Zeloi Project, as Stated by Hamid Fotouhi, the Project Manager

Hamid Fotouhi, the project manager of the Zeloi project, announced that drilling operations for Well No. 20, the first well out of a total of nine wells in the 28-Reservoir Development Plan, have begun.

In an interview with the Public Relations of Global Petro Tech Kish, Hamid Fotouhi stated, “For the drilling of this well, the O3 drilling rig, along with high-quality services from approved companies by the National Iranian South Oil Company, the employer of this project, have been employed.”

He added, “According to the initial schedule, the drilling of this well is expected to take six months, and this will be achieved through the cooperation and collaboration of subcontractors and the main employer.”

Regarding surface activities alongside the drilling operations, Fotouhi mentioned, “With the completion of location adjustments and the construction of a water reservoir for this site, necessary preparations for the completion and simultaneous construction of flowlines for production purposes are underway, and it is hoped that with the efforts of all colleagues in the employer and contractor organizations, it will be successfully completed.”

The Zeloi project manager continued, “Simultaneously with the commencement of drilling operations for Well No. 20, the delivery of equipment related to Well No. 21 in Location 189 of this field was included in the agenda of the National Iranian South Oil Company and Global Petro Tech Kish. After the delivery of the mentioned equipment, drilling operations for the second well will also begin in the near future.”

Fotouhi concluded by expressing gratitude for the round-the-clock efforts of all colleagues in the Zeloi project team and the Global Petro Tech company, stating, “I hope that with the same unity and perseverance, we will successfully complete this project according to the planned schedules.”

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