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Active Participation of Global Petro Tech Kish in the Drilling Congress

The second “National Congress of Iran’s Drilling Industry” was held for two days at the Petroleum Industry Research Institute with the participation of Global Petro Tech Kish.

According to the public relations report, the managers and experts from Global Petro Tech Kish had an active and influential presence in specialized panels and presented papers. Their participation included involvement in four specialized panels, delivering speeches, and presenting four scientific papers. Furthermore, the comprehensive contribution of Global Petro Tech Kish, including financial support and presence in the exhibition section, received attention during the second drilling congress.

On the first day of the congress, Mr. Bahman Soroushi, the CEO of Global Petro Tech Kish, delivered a speech on “Macro and Strategic Management in the Drilling Industry” in the first managerial panel, attended by Mr. Roknoddin Javadi, the Deputy Minister and CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company, and Mr. Mohammad Delparish, the Integrated Planning Manager of the National Iranian Oil Company.

In his speech, he emphasized the major plans of the National Iranian Oil Company to increase production levels and develop new oil and gas fields in the country. He highlighted the importance of planning in the drilling industry in two areas: “preservation and maintenance of existing wells” and “new drilling operations,” as well as the provision of necessary drilling equipment based on the actual market capacity.

Mr. Soroushi also participated in the second managerial panel titled “Integrated Management of the Drilling Industry” along with other executives from government and private companies, engaging in discussions and exchanging views on the panel’s subject.

According to the report, Mr. Mohammad Medani, the advisor to the CEO of Global Petro Tech Kish, was present in the panel on “Drilling Challenges and Time Loss,” and Mr. Ali Khadadad Dehkordi, the Operations Manager of Global Petro Tech Kish, delivered a speech in the panel on “Well Blowout Control.”

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