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Successful Transfer and Reconstruction of PetroAmid Asia’s Drilling Rig by Global Petro Tech Kish

Mohammad Amin Anvari Pour, the operations manager of Global Petro Tech Kish said: The transfer and relocation operation of a 2000 horsepower drilling rig belonging to Petro Omid Asia for reconstruction to the company’s base in Ahvaz has concluded.

Mohammad Amin Anvari Pour stated: This operation, which was carried out as part of the contract for repair, reconstruction, and rental of the mentioned drilling rig, was completed in 11 days and in the form of 143 shipments. The repair and reconstruction of this rig will commence immediately after the completion of the transfer.

He continued: Furthermore, it is planned that after the completion of the reconstruction operation, this drilling rig will be utilized in domestic projects of the company under the supervision of Global Petro Tech Kish.

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