ASR KISH Drilling Company (ASRK) is a subsidiary of Global Petro Tech Kish Company. This company was registered as a contractor in the field of oil and gas well drilling in the year 2007 on Kish Island and began its operational activities at the end of that year with the management and operation of the O1 and O2 land drilling rigs owned by Global Petro Tech Kish Company.

Since its entry into the drilling industry, ASRK has successfully completed various drilling projects in the country's oil and gas regions, satisfying its clients. During its operations, the company has managed and operated three new and modern land drilling rigs, including the O3 rig owned by Global Petro Tech Kish Company, the O4 rig owned by Petro Omid Asia Company, the Sepehr1 rig owned by Petro Pars Company, and the Oriental1 offshore drilling platform owned by Global Petrotech. In total, the company has simultaneously managed and operated five land drilling rigs and one offshore drilling platform, all with the highest quality, which is a notable achievement.

In addition to its headquarters in Tehran, the facilities and infrastructure of this company include a central command office and a support operational base in Ahvaz with an area of nine hectares. The base consists of operational and repair workshops for electrical, mechanical, fabrication, fluid, and circulating drilling tools, as well as a central warehouse. The central warehouse of the company accommodates approximately 8,000 general and specialized items, as well as spare parts for drilling equipment in suitable spaces such as a cold room and over 3,500 square meters of covered warehouse space.

The Ahvaz operational base is also equipped with a dedicated space and a reinforced cement pad for the layout, refurbishment, and retrofitting of drilling rigs, employing skilled and experienced technical personnel. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the base has received and refurbished five land drilling rigs from the Iranian Offshore Structure Construction Company and simultaneously set up and commissioned two drilling rigs, PG-151 and PG-152.

By recruiting young, qualified, and experienced staff, this company provides the following services to the drilling industry:

Management of Onshore and Offshore Drilling Rigs
Commissioning and refurbishment of drilling rig
Supplying different parts and equipment relevant to the drilling industry
Technical and engineering services of the rigs, such as consulting, preparing tender and project documents, improving systems and procedures, engineering of parts and equipment, preparing technical specifications, codes, and standards for parts and equipment
Design, refurbishment, maintenance, and repair of machinery and equipment of drilling rigs, such as top drives, diesel generators, blowout preventers, pumps, draw-works, electrical equipment, and instrumentation services
Design, manufacturing, and repair of tanks, silos, rooms, structures, and drilling pipe services

With over two decades of experience, ASR Kish Drilling Company has established a strong reputation in the drilling industry. Their commitment to quality, skilled workforce, and comprehensive range of services has made this company as a reliable partner for clients in the oil and gas sector.