Drilling Services

GPTKish goal to provide total solutions in the oil and gas drilling business has necessitated our venturing into directional and casing running in addition to the current mud logging services. Whatever your drilling environment or however remote the location, our innovative cementing technologies offer you a range of cementing solutions to achieve zonal isolation for the life of your well. We offer cementing equipment for every situation. On land, we have equipment for high pressure treatments and equipment built for completing many jobs in a day. Our offshore skids are built for high reliability and power. Uniquely designed cementing heads provide unmatched performance whether on land or on subsea wellheads. Deepwater drilling has unique cementing challenges. Large-diameter casings are set in poorly consolidated formations. There are narrow pore-fracture pressure windows and frequent shallow-flow hazards. Compounding the problems is the low temperature. Our main activities are:
• Management of Integrated Drilling Services
• Engineering and implementing drilling services which include Drilling Fluid Services, Well Test Services,H2S Safety Services, Cementing Services and Tubular Running Services
• • Providing materials/equipment for drilling services